Samuel Feinstein Bookbinding

Fine Bindings- Using the highest quality materials, the client and I work together to create a binding fitting to the content and suited to the taste of the client, whether it be bold, ornate, subtle or elegant.

All Purpose Binding- Cloth and paper bindings, leather bindings not considered “fine” or “traditional” bindings, bindings on anything you desire.  Please do contact me if you have an idea in mind and are wondering if it can be done.

Enclosures- Clamshell boxes are the most effective protective enclosures.  Unique, leather covered clamshell boxes with titling in gold and/or design work are a beautiful way to house time-honored, sentimental, and valuable books or items.

Traditional and Period Bindings- Employing traditional structure, methods and period-appropriate materials, these bindings are meant to reflect the time and place of the book’s content. 

Finishing- I very humbly offer finishing, anything from titling in gold to design work in gold, onlays, blind, or with colored foils.  In terms of designs, I would prefer to treat the finishing I do as a craft, executing designs created by the client (binder) so that the book itself is wholly in the style and aesthetic of the binder.

I do not offer restoration or repair at the current time (though, as said above, I do rebindings on antiquarian books in the style that they would have been done), but I can generally point you in the right direction for your project if you need it.